Aaaaaah… Aachen to Aaron

  • Aabenraa (or Åbenrå) – city in Denmark
  • Aachen – northwestern city in Germany
  • Aakjær, Jeppe – Danish poet and novelist
  • Aalen – another city in Germany
  • Aalsmeer – municipality southwest of Amsterdam
  • Aalst – Flemish municipality northwest of Brussels

Aalto, Hugo Alvar Henrik.  Now this Finnish character who was born in 1898 and lived until 1976 in Helsinki was an architect, a painter, sculptor and furniture designer.  His personal style is lively and inventive, and his earlier sketches were drawn free-hand, without use of T-square and triangle and resulted in some impressive buildings that are regarded as ‘romantic and regional’.

  • Aarau – capital of Aargau canton, northern Switzerland.
  • Aardvark (meaning ‘earth pig’ in Afrikaans) – the first animal in the encyclopedia with a double A spelling, who, was originally classified along with other anteaters, sloths and armadillos but for the weird ‘permanent teeth traversed by tubules that radiate from a central pulp cavity’.

Interestingly, Aardvark was also a social media search engine founded by two ex-Googlers (Max Ventilla and Nathan Stoll), which was acquired by Google for $50m in Feb 2010 only to kill it in Sept 2011.  That’s a lot of money…

  • Aardwolf – this hyena looking animal not only shares the prefix ‘aard’ with our earth pig above, but also the diet – termites.  It looks like ‘aard’ means ‘Earth’ in Afrikaans

Side note, I think I’m going to skip some entries from now on especially geographical ones (and as mentioned above – there are a lot of Scandinavian and Nordic places which begins with ‘Aa’, and only focus on the more interesting entries.

I saw the Ten Commandments when I was young, and remembered the parting of the sea by Moses (did they step on all the corals as they walked through?) with Charlton Heston playing the lead character, and John Carradine playing his brother Aaron.  While Moses was up in Mount Sinai, Aaron fashioned the golden calf that was worshipped by the people.  I can’t remember much more, except that I thought it was so cool that one can part waters that way.  Just like how Bruce Almighty did it in the movie.

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