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The &

Now we get to abbreviation. I never knew the ampersand & was coined by Marcus Tullius Tiro as the Latin word ‘et‘. My favourite abbreviation is snafu (situation normal, all f***** up) or fubar (f***** up beyond all recognition). It’s different from initialism which is like USA and NCAA where you say the letters. I

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Aaaaaah… Aachen to Aaron

Aabenraa (or Åbenrå) – city in Denmark Aachen – northwestern city in Germany Aakjær, Jeppe – Danish poet and novelist Aalen – another city in Germany Aalsmeer – municipality southwest of Amsterdam Aalst – Flemish municipality northwest of Brussels Aalto, Hugo Alvar Henrik.  Now this Finnish character who was born in 1898 and lived until 1976 in

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A cappella, and Chinese pinyin A’s

Second word in the Encyclopedia after a-ak (ancient East Asian music) which describes singing without musical accompaniment.  The next seven entries beginning with ‘A-‘ isn’t entirely memorable such as A-ch’eng (city located southeast of Harbin), A-erh-chin Mountains (situated in the southern Singiang Uighur Autonomous Region in China), A-Ku-Ta (founder of Chin dynasty), A-kuei (famous general during

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